Tantra Yoga Ashram Teacher Training near Ganges River, Nature

Location - Rishikesh (not finalized)

Our new location is near Rishikesh (not finalized) in Lakshman Jhula (लक्ष्मण झूला). The name refers to a suspension bridge across the river Ganges, located 5 km north-east from the town of Rishikesh in the North Indian state of Uttarakhand. We are near the bridge.

Rishikesh, the "place of sages" or Hrishikesh, the "God or Atma within us, the controller of the senses," is popular with yoga aspirants, especially Western yoga aspirants for along while now. Even the "Beatles" visited Rishikesh and contributed to the popularity of the place. There were many scholars who had always visited and popularised Rishikesh too, as Evan Wentz and Mircea Eliade. It also became popular because of the many Gurus, Swamis, Babas and Sadhus that inhabited the banks of the Ganges River. Its real popularity is due to its being an alternative culture for the world. It is a prominent place that included a complete practice where the body, mind and spirit has been seen as one. Here you can find yoga teachers and practices that range from the barely physical to the spiritual. There is huge community of yogis that one can choose from. However, Shri Kali Ashram offers a variant approach: the rare, traditional Tantra yoga (Kaula Yoga). Rishikesh is sometimes misunderstood by people who are hasty in judgment. It is often referred to as the "Disneyland of Spirituality." In fact, Rishikesh offers itself like a mirror that reflects the image that one projects. And as the Biblical saying goes: "Seek and thou shall find" (Matthew 7.7). On the whole, spiritualism, be it Yoga or Tantra, is a qualitative experience, the more you drop your fears the brighter your experience will be. There are many restaurants, cafes, and especially, temples, and the beautiful memory of the Ganga River to immerse yourself in.

Feel free to contact us for more specific directions from your point of origin.


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