Dinner Out

Shri Kali Ashram would like to thank the following people for making this website possible:

Thanks to Nevins Bartolomeo for his time and invaluable technical assistance and to Ma Kristina who built the original Shri Kali website. Her code is the basis on which all of this is built.

Thanks also to Eleanor Bartolomeo for all her hard work in designing and building the site. She put in an exceptional effort to bring this all together.

Thanks to our talented photographers: Arthur Fuse & Simona Bee, Vânia Cunha, Jonas Kronborg, Maša Golenko, Josy Spooner, Mark, Jack, and many others.

And thanks to all of our students and friends who allowed themselves to be photographed: Whitney Wheelock, Eleanor Bartolomeo, Zeny Ogrisseg, Bhavani Ishaya, Kali, Nikki Weis, Vânia Cunha, Maša Golenko, Ali Jackiw, Mikey Lobdell, Michaela Nesslböck, Caitlin Marvaso, Ricky Baldonado, Monica Simionato, Ohm Pankosol, Ingrid Kerschberger, Andrea Bode, Phil Hopley, Michiel Kamma, Monique Janssen, Natalia Temnova, Raïssa Pericard, Maud Drogi, Alex & Tina Gibson, Robin Mochel, Chandra, Emily Hall, Chris Conlin, Jennie Uhrig, Shalimar & Vajra DePolo, Rajesh Gopi, Madira, Shanti, Debbie Dalton, Mark Barron, Josy Spooner, Claudia Bretschneider, Axana L., Stacey Holmes, Misha Mikael, Elin Henriksson, Lionel Lasalle, Romain C., and others.

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