Traditional Ayurvedic Walking Massage for Tantra and Yoga Asanas and Meditation:
Bhagavan Shanmukha giving an Ayurvedic Massage

Āyurvedic Walking Massage

At Shri Kali Ashram, massage is taught as part of the study of Tantra and Yoga. Massage is important if one is to maintain good health. The body's toxins i.e. the lymphatic wastes are massaged away. This helps to maintain the elasticity of the muscle fibers. A good routine of massage is important to maintain the suppleness of the body for yoga āsanas. The quality of muscle fiber must be maintained if one is to have a long career as a yogi. We use an assortment of Āyurvedic herbs and oils to help heal and also keep the body supple. Massage is also helpful in maintaining a positive mood, and vital for enhancing one's meditation. If one is physically or mentally stressed, one can neither sit nor meditate. Due to all these reasons we teach massage. Apart from this, Tantric massage can also enhance one's sexual health.

Whitney Massaging

The ancient systems employed walking massage to apply deeper pressure with less effort. With training, the feet can be taught to be precision instruments for massaging. Hand massage is used only when necessary i.e. face. Walking massage also takes less time to perform but is more effective. Masseuses working with their hands often develop repetitive strain injuries, tendonitis, and other problems. These problems do not occur with walking massage. Walking massage is used in culturing a healthy energy system that maintains the overall health of the person. It is also used in healing acute health problems. Many of our students have used it effectively in healing various injuries and ailments—some of which orthopraxy or contemporary medicine considered curable only through surgery.

Bhagavan Shanmukha learned this ancient system of massage from his grandparents when he was young and has practiced since then. This traditional form of massage was practiced by both Āyurvedics and Siddhas in South India. Massage can be either simplistic or complex, and we teach as much as time allows—Āyurveda or Siddha is a complex medicinal system.