200hr Yoga Alliance Tantra Yoga Teacher Training Course:

200hr Yoga Alliance® Tantra Yoga Teacher Training

Our 200 hour course is structured to give students a solid grounding from which to start their professional teaching career. It is also an excellent Yoga Intensive for experienced yogis looking to improve their āsana practice. Class Trikona Asana We focus on how to learn and teach each āsana from a traditional perspective.

We teach this course in the minimum time of four weeks but still we focus on quality, stress-free learning. Stress reduces the ability to stretch, and creates lacerations in the muscle strands, thereby reducing the quality of the muscles and the career of the yogi. Muscle cells also remember stress which can become hypertension.

Our courses are designed to optimize students' learning and have them leave refreshed, relaxed and well prepared for teaching professionally.

Books used during the Training:

Matsya Indra Asana

Daily Schedule: Honor and Cultivate yourself

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